Tuitions: The Myth that shadowed my dreams !

In India probably I can say 90% of the Parents send their Childrens for Tuitions right from they start their Kindergarten, agreed if they attend classes than in future it will not be difficult to learn in higher standards but I feel that kids needs to enjoy their life playing and doing things they love and not carrying them right till the door step of the teacher 😁.

They too think why my mom sends me away from her to this Lady, am I  torture to her. I feel they should make listen to the Poems, ABC’S at home  which they learn in kindergarten as they have a ability grab everything they hear and see ,and kids as we know they can recite it like ‘n’ number of times , even if you play a rap song for 6-8 times a day they will start doing it in 10 days with  their tongue yet to pronounce the correct word.

In my case too I started going to tuitions from the very First Standard to my HSC. For SSC and HSC is the tuition is a must. But in this 10 years I felt like I lost the things I wanted to do. I am a big Cricket fan and loves to play. But  because of tuitions I never tried. I feel if I don’t go to tuitions I will Fail that was a myth not only I had but others too. India being a very big country is difficult to chase your dreams in sports because Competition and Hard work is where you ll find every aspects of life. I have came a cross this beautiful message about the word ‘Impossible’

Nothing is Impossible in this world because Impossible itself says that I-M-Possible !!

If you are an IPL fan do check out Nikhil Naik  he is from Kings XI Punjab and is of my native place, he is amazing batsman and a Wicketkeeper, he is older to me and studied in same school in Milagris. I can say he chased his dream. Feels proud when someone from my place plays for the Club.😎

    I will not say that I failed but its that I changed my track with something I wanted to become. In 2011 where I came to Mumbai to complete my Diploma in Engineering, I didn’t joined a class till the end of the course, I studied from the start with confidence and Hardwork and achieved 8.3 GPA which was one of  my best moment in life.

All I want to say is

Let your kids enjoy their life and let them chase their dreams the only thing they need is your Support 😊 All the Best !


14 thoughts on “Tuitions: The Myth that shadowed my dreams !

  1. I remember an incident after i read this: I was with my friends just doing casual talk at a place and one uncle came to us and started asking about the classes for cracking iit. So, we told him whatever we knew; at the end we asked, Which class your kid is in? sixth ,he replied. We all looked at each other with a common thought. Imagine that poor kid who might have just started writing with pen will be sent to some coaching class that will steal his childhood and fun. I too feel bad for those kids who are missing out the fun.God knows what they will say if someone asks them about their childhood;in future.
    Also, I think this is totally in the hands of parents cause kids are kids they don’t know about these stuff and therefore they will follow whatever their parents tell them.
    I wish people change themselves coz I don’t want childhood memories to go extinct.

    1. You are right, i I still regret that I missed a lot of things that I loved, but its no use to remember it , now I just moved on. Will make sure this doesn’t happen to my kids though 😊

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