When I Won Free Passes to Vengaboys Concert!

I have always been very Lucky in life winning Wolverine T-shirts from Star Movies, Transformers Merchandise from Lenovo India Contests. I always love to take parts in various contests specially on Twitter, the big movie Channels like HBO, Star Movies always come up with new monthly Block Buster movie contests to gain TRPs.

But the tickets I had won was from 9XO Music channel. Vengaboys were about to make a tour in India on 15 May at at Phoenix Market City Mumbai, it was just 5 days away and my cousins had already booked the tickets. I had not planned to attend this concert as I had my internship training going on.

Morning as I was going through the news feed of certain tweets I saw 9X0 running contests by answering a simple questions on Why do you like to visit the Vengaboys concert so much? It was simple but as you know where Lakhs of people participate and who wouldn’t love to see Vengaboys live, so I started tweeting  one by one in every minute.

Some of the users tweets were favourited and others were retweeted, I was in no surprise because its not easy to check all the tweets and I thought that mine was ignored.

Next day at 10:00 am the results were about to be tweeted and I had a 30% feeling that I can win it. And of a sudden I got a notification as follows:

It was one of my best day in my life. Concert was on Sunday and I was lucky winning a  couples passes worth Rs. 2400 on Book My Show .The same day I went to collect passes at Solaris ‘D’ in Powai where The main 9X office is located.
I was confused to whom to take where I had an extra ticket because I had won couples passes so when the official  congratulated and handed me the two tickets I requested him whether

Is it necessary that there should be a girl since Its a Couple passes?

and he answered saying its not a problem and can take whomever I want 😂 So I decided to take my Bro Alieferns  and he was happy to watch them live.

We enjoyed the show and watching them live was like you never had thought of,  listening to their music since childhood and suddenly getting chance to watch them live was like a dream come true. It was like something that can never happen in life. Some amazing memories were..

Your reaction when you see them Live 😂👆

I was so indulged in  the show it didn’t   struck my mind to try for  an autograph, what if I tried and I was Lucky enough ? 😎

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  1. Ohhhh how can I forget this amazing experience!! My favorite band since childhood…!!! Can never forget this day!!

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