Delivering safety message with effective examples.

As a role of a safety officer, I need to ensure that the employees working in my organisation is safe while performing the tasks. Not only the safety of our workers, but to protect the property and environment. But an effective communication can prove useful in delivering the safety message to the employees.

I have noticed in many training academies where their tagline mentions – Training saves lives.” or “Knowledge saves lives.” It is true that the training which is the 4th control in the Hierarchy of controls mentions that training is necessary to ensure that the employees have been educated about the hazards and risks, and that the control and preventive measures have been discussed with them. Here’s how I deliver the safety message to the new employees during safety induction.

I start by telling them that “Your family is waiting for you at home. Remember! I am sacrificing my quality time working here (abroad) for my family. Let’s assume that I am the only bread earner. Because of me, my family is happy and they are celebrating Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Onam, etc. But suppose I met with an accident and it took my life, imagine how deep pain they will be in…They will grieve forever because of the loss of their son, husband, brother, or any loved one. The company will replace you with a new candidate in the next two months but remember that your family will grieve throughout their life. So always remember that your life is precious. If you are safe then everything will go smoothly.”

Example 2: “Imagine if I lost my hand in an accident and there will come a time when I’ll be meeting my family during my annual leave. Of course, everyone’s family is excited to see their loved ones after a year. My daughter or son is so excited to see me at the airport and once she got a glimpse of me, she runs towards me to hug. And that’s when your heart will be heavy and you’ll be in deep pain knowing that if you don’t have a hand then how will you hug your kid? You’ll remember that if that accident didn’t happen this wouldn’t be the situation. So always make sure that your safety is important at work. Always repeat yourself before starting any work by saying “I will work safely and I will go home safely.” This everyday affirmation will record in your subconscious mind and the chances of accidents will eventually reduce.” Stay safe!

I feel that it is important for these employee to process the message given in the trainings and effectively following it while working. After all safety is priority. A major accident can result in direct and indirect costs to the organisation affecting the reputation. It is a big challenge to maintain the productivity, quality and safety together inside an organization, but a successful organisation who maintains this three has a positive work culture and employees happiness throughout the years.

And as a safety officer, it is my duty to deliver the message in clear and concise manner to the people at all levels of the organisation.

Work safely ! Go home Safely !