Never give up !

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What brings a tear of joy to your eye?

I would like to share with you a very good example about the struggles I faced during my career.

After completing my engineering diploma of 4 years, I had got an opportunity to work for reputed company in Mumbai. The diploma course consist of a sandwich pattern where each year was divided into semesters. Eight semesters in total in which the two semesters (5 and 8) were internships. During both internship period it was easy for me as that company was 11 min distance from where I was staying. Also if you have completed the internship in same organization, there is a very high chances of getting selected.

Once I completed the diploma with an aggregate of 82% I had a dream of working in the same organization. But sadly I was not shortlisted due to my diploma which was designated as Fabrication technology and erection engineering. They told me that they only recruit candidates with Mechanical engineering diploma. I tried explaining them that the course was similar throughout all the semesters and only the 7th semester is different in which they learn deeply into refrigeration and me into welding. That was a turning point in my life. Imagine not getting selected in the organisation which is just 10 mins away from your home. Imagine you are selecting a college just because there is an campus placement and you end up losing an opportunity. I felt disappointed and one point of time i felt regret for selecting the department which is way different than the others.

Few months later I started working as a fitter for 4 months and then as a sales engineer for a year. I was not happy because I felt like I was going down instead of growing in my career. After struggling to search for a job. I got an opportunity to work in Kuwait as a CNC machine operator. That’s where I decided to start a career in safety. I attended classes during week off and finally after 1 years I completed Nebosh International certificate in Occupational Health and safety. That’s where I started getting new opportunities. To gain a basic experience, I started working as a fire watcher in Qatar for a shutdown project. And currently I am finally working as a safety officer in reputed company in Dubai.

Sometime I do remember the past where I felt lost and without hope after losing opportunities in life. But, those failures gave me strength to keep trying and developing myself to prepare for future. I spent hours applying on job sites and adding certifications to my profile which led to highlighting my CVs to the recruiters. I learnt that consistent efforts and hard work often leads to success. People often talk about being lucky, but if you put efforts then your chances of being lucky increases naturally. Indeed at present whenever I remember the past, it does brings tears into my eyes and its none other than tears of joy.

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