Don’t be sad ‘Sing’ by Smule app Lovers. 

Just few days before when I updated my Sing app, I found out that you can’t unlock any songs to record Karaoke. To all those who don’t know about the Sing, it’s a popular karaoke app when millions of aspiring peoples record and collaborate with other users in the app.

It’s a social app almost similar to Twitter, but it’s all about Karaoke. Smule is an American music app initially released under the name Sing! This app was described as “the biggest music app you haven’t heard of” adding that “fifty million people use it at least once a month” according to a CNET article from 2018

You ll ll get more followers when you invite them to join you. There are some popular songs that are unlocked by credits. Suppose, to unlock ‘Shape of you’ cost 35 Credits, you need to watch an ad to get 5 credits and after 35 you can purchase it. As I am big fan of Karaoke, I mailed the support to bring back the old credits back . I got a following reply.

Since I downloaded this app, I got to meet new people from all over the world. This is the best place where you ll meet the person who has the same passion of singing as you. And, if you make the best partner, then your collabs will get feature on the top collabs tabs. 

There is a popular Facebook group name Singotopia, where you’ll find many Smule app users who collab with each other and various events. It is like a happy place to make new friends who likes music.

Smule app karaoke list.

We are currently transitioning out of the credit system in Android and songs will not be able to be unlocked going forward. Stay tuned for new and improved ways to earn FREE songs. Can’t wait ’til then? Upgrade to VIP All-Access for access every song, any time.

This means they will certainly finding solutions to unlock songs by some methods.

If you still don’t have patience you can get the ‘All ACCESS VIP’ for 550 rupees per year.