Sandstorm: The day which Spoils my mood

Its been 3 months since I have been working in Kuwait. To be honest during Summer temperature can crossed above 50° C and in Winter to as low as 0 . Today as usual I got up at 4:30 am got ready as usual so I could reach at work before 6:00am. My roommate is always the first one to leave the room every time,  I got a call from him after minutes he left as I never expect anybody’s phone call so early, He told that there’s a Sandstorm and told to Close the Window before leaving as it is open most of the time.

As soon as I stepped out of my Camp, I saw a people covered  their face with white cloth. It was difficult to  recognise because everything was blurry with Sand, unluckily there’s no Shuttle to drop us to the Unit in the morning since the temperature was normal .

The dust is so thin that even if you are passing through it   your eyes will not be itching and feels like its a  smoke. Whenever the trailers or Cars passed by the road the sand  follows it forming a small tornado or like a Water which splashes when the car passes on it. Its just a 7 minutes walk From my camp and that feeling when you finally enter the unit ! So as the day passed and the shift got over, there was a clear view of buildings and other factories. Sandstorm in Kuwait is normal, it usually happens once in a month and can last upto days. I always start a day with  sunshine, but as told this day repeats getting my mood spoiled.