Practicing Safety Culture in our daily life.

Hello everyone, I hope you too have experienced the same situation as me. Few months before I was working for a shutdown project for Shell GTL, Qatar. It was a Mega Turnaround project with as many as 10k + employees were involved in this Mega turnaround.The project lasted for 90 days and it was a successful completion. Excited I was as it was my very first experience in Oil and Gas Industry as a Fire Watcher.

Why was this memorable experience for me?

     In this temporary project I learned the concept of Safety Culture* so deep that it has become my permanent habit wherever I go. So, Safety culture is the set of shared attitudes, beliefs, and practices demonstrated by workers at all levels of the company. So, it’s like positive safety culture connects everyone in the company around a common goal to measurably reduce near misses and incidents. It goes beyond following safety procedures and rules.

       This was not only followed on the site but it was followed even in my camp (Laffan Global Village), during Travelling, Transportation, Dining halls, Tents. I was impressed by the strict measures of maintaining the social distancing inside the bus and wearing Seat Belt which is compulsory and you will find it on every Seat. So, let’s take an example, if a visitor or any person forgets to wear a PPE or shows any unsafe behavior, then the group of individuals who are at the location will intervene or convince the person positively by keeping the three Golden words in mind of ‘Comply, Intervene and Respect’ to ensure he is safe by wearing proper PPE. The group or community following the safety measures will definitely change the behaviour or attitude of the person who is non-compliant with the safety measures. Out of the context example is that one rotten mango can spoil the whole mangoes in the basket but let’s make it Vice Versa, A group of people following the Safety rules will definitely change the perception of an Individual.

What changes this made in my Life and how do I follow it?

     Once I was back home in my country, I used to start the day with proper housekeeping, as it was said that it should be followed by all levels of the employees in the organisation. And I also heard by one of the staff that 70% of the hazards are eliminated by Good House Keeping. I have always been attentive while driving, crossing roads, climbing stairs, following signs, keeping people out of Line of Fire. ensuring boxes my Books kept on top shelves are secured, eliminating slip trip and fall hazards etc. Sometimes I do educated others about the Classes of fire and extinguishers and how to prevent them, indeed they show an interest in knowing and this will prove beneficial in case of emergency.

    Also, I feel that everyone should be aware of Life Saving Rules* where some of this can be followed everywhere in our day-to-day life. Here are some of the Lifesaving Rule that we must follow generally:

  1. Verify isolation and zero energy before work begins

2. Protect yourself against a fall when working at height

3. Follow the rules for working in toxic gas environments

4. Follow safe driving rules

5. Keep yourself and others out of the line of fire

6. Control flammables and ignition sources

     Therefore, I feel that it’s important to all the people in all sectors to learn a basic safety principle which can be followed in throughout their journey and staying away from hazards and creating a safe environment everywhere. I would like to hear your views or opinion on this. For more Life Saving rules do search ‘Life Saving Rules’. Have a great day and be safe.

*Safety culture and Lifesaving rules information has been taken from Google.