The Wave that crippled our System !

        Well, it’s exactly a year after that I am posting a blog and it does make me feel excited about sharing my thoughts and opinions in front of you about the current situation that my country is facing. Since you are aware of my last Blog “What Lockdown taught Us?” well I have decided to share my concerns in this blog, for sure this will be the first one where you all be heartbroken and anguish for the situations that the country and the world is facing.

       As we experience a situation where we are given a chance to improve or to correct ourselves right when we do something wrong, right? Indeed, everyone has gone through this, whether it is a chance where we didn’t get caught while doing something unethical in organizations, cheating during Exams and even in our personal lives, doing frauds and many more, well of course there are instances where we think that we should be aware that this should not repeat again. Same applies to what our system did when they had got a chance in order to implement measures when the pandemic was in control.

If you have watched the movie Avengers: Endgame then for sure you must remember the below scene:

Here’s an Explanation:

        17th September! The day where the graph finally dipped low after six months and thanks to the decision of complete lockdown, there was finally a drop in the daily active cases in our country, we can call it a major step that our government had implemented to stop the spread of the virus, many frontline workers dedicated their lives and indeed we are thankful for them.

        15 February was a day where the new cases was mere 9K, so the government had 5 months’ time to tackle the situation and prepare if this type of situation comes in future, but as we know we just forgot that this pandemic is finally coming to an end there is help available if we get affected by this. Sad fact is politicians started doing rallies in states where thousands gathered, many religious events took place same no. of people gathered. No one thought of improving the facilities if this type is situation ever comes and not one was prepared. Currently 3 Lakhs active cases are rising daily.

I came across an article where one of the experts  at the John Hopkins Medicine quoted.

“The strict lockdown that was imposed last year slowed down Covid-19 pandemic in India giving the authorities time to ramp of requisite infrastructure but it forced people to be cooped up in their homes for long. Covid-19 protocol too came in along with the pandemic. Wearing a face mask, washing hands regularly and maintaining social-physical distance was advised and those who did not follow were penalised in some cases. Many people actually ended up spending about one year inside their homes, practically locked. So, when cases started declining, people just broke out of the shackles. Gatherings began becoming large particularly January onwards. Rules were relaxed. Penalties were not enforced. Even in metro trains of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, people could be seen travelling without wearing a face mask. The pattern was seen across the country allowing the novel coronavirus to create a second and possibly stronger wave.”


So here is my explanation of ‘Everything’ the result given below?

  • Due to unavailability of beds and spaces in hospitals 2-3 Covid patients were forced to be admitted on a single bed, people admitted or resting on the floor and their member holding an Oxygen cylinder for support. (Source: Internet)
  • A sad incident where a woman in 80s sitting on a road with an oxygen cylinder and mask worn looking totally exhausted and fatigued. (Source: Internet)
  • Technical failure too caused many deaths, the one incident where a Leakage in Oxygen tank led to decrease in Pressure needed to support the critically ill patients who were on the ventilator support. 22 lost their lives because of this, imagine due to covid the oxygen level keeps dropping from 100 and on 15, you have a faith where there is a chance that you can survive and suddenly the supply is cut off. (Source: TOI)
  • A saddest news I came across is a 65-year-old journalist where he constantly tweeted that he is in need of urgent medical help, He sent a warning message on twitter that he needs to be admitted as he has got covid, many retweets and response came, the second tweet he shared a reading of oximeter where the reading dropped to 50 and he is facing breathing issue, just to inform that their shortage of oxygen cylinders and the ones that are available are needed in the hospitals. He again plead for help as he shared that the reading has been dropped to 31. Final tweet came where the body of the person was covered in the blanket on the bed and his loved ones crying staying a foot apart from him. His words were “I voted for the country. I didn’t vote for any party. I pray to god that nobody in your family faces what I am facing. (Source: Twitter.)

  • An incident where a Hospital for Covid Patients caught fire thus ending the lives of 15 Covid Patients. (Source: TOI.)

The incidents are many but this were some heart-breaking ones that we wish that they don’t deserve this. Currently 3 Lakhs Active cases are increasing daily.     

But on a positive side, there is hope. Many top companies came for help in building Oxygen production plants and manufacturing Covid kits so that there can be uninterrupted supply to the needy. Also, the government has prohibited the industries to stop using Oxygen for production and is directed to the states.

What we are waiting is for 1st May! when finally, the vaccination drive will start. It typically takes two weeks after you are fully vaccinated for the body to build protection (immunity) against the virus that causes COVID-19. The greater number of people who get vaccinated the more antibody will be developed thus reducing the risk of getting Covid.

So, let’s be safe by taking precautionary measures like not stepping out unnecessarily and wearing masks at all times and let’s pray that this pandemic soon comes to an end. Stay Safe! Cheers!

Note: The Featured image has been taken from the movie 'Five Feet Apart' and all Image credits goes to their respective owners.