A whole new different Empires and Allies !

I am going to introduce about the new strategy game.

Empires & Allies was a social network game. Its portrays a military cartoon world composed mostly of archipelagos. With each player beginning with one island, and being able to expand to up to four other islands. You need to make a strategy by not only attacking the other bases but defending yours too.

Each archipelago represents an “empire” or militarized island nation, with a “world alliance” that the player can optionally enter. But, by doing so forfeits an ability to attack other sovereign nations. This game is all about Strategy and one of the most popular game on Play store. But this game upgraded to a whole new level.

The main page of the game when you open the game.

When I was in college, I was very addicted to this game. It’s simple you have to build and expand your base defeat others to earn medals, Supplies, Oil in order to upgrade and buy units, what I love about is it graphics and SFX, I play often with headphones, but for newbies will take time to get interest to play at the start, the game actually looks like this.

In the above picture, you will see the Troop Tarmacs (on bottom right) where you train your armies to attack other bases. Oil and Supplies are the the most important to upgrade build the structures. You can also connect through various Commanders from all over the world. You can join Alliances with maximum 50  members and can fight to war with other alliances every Week. Players establish four tiers of production buildings, including HQ, Troop Tarmac, Supply Drop, Steel Factory to create sea, land, and air units respectively. After building the base, the player can deploy them on his or her archipelago to defend their buildings from invasion.


But I had stop playing this game because as the level increases it becomes difficult to fight through opponents with level maximum than yours. This always used to happen. I have started playing it again as they have introduced two amazing Units called ‘Colossus’ and ‘Viper’. To unlock Colossus, you have to win many battles. If you defeated base camp for 3 stars, you ll get 8 Cybernetic Core so after Collecting 200 you can unlock it.

There was a limited event to buy Viper in 750 golds. But now it has be closed because of limited time event. With these two weapons, its been easy to destroy the higher level tiers easily making sure to plan a good strategy.


You can download this game for free on Play Store, in app purchases are also available. So build you base and enjoy Playing Commander. The game finally shut down and you can only play until you have the in game credits.