Live Feature is a Boon !

Most of the apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have a live features when people go live and you can watch them until they are live at a same time. But I bet most of the people don’t use it or just ignore it whenever some celebrity goes live. 

Even I was too, but yesterday I was just fidgeting on my phone and got a notification from the Instagram that  Fitness Expert Vince del Monte is Live. For those who don’t know Vince is a  an author who publishes books based on fitness. He has a YouTube Channel name Vince Del Monte.

Every person has their idol and when you hear it they say it’s Jay Cutler, Darren Charles… But I just followed Vince guides and it helped me a lot, he is a person who will reply to your posts and give you suggestion and tips which will prove boon for you.

So he was live yesterday and following questions were put up by me and also got a reply 🙌

Whether he will be coming to India ?

  1. “Sorry Aloy I don’t have any plans to visit India any sooner.” 😔

Regarding my pull up tips he showed me   to jump at the start holding a tight grip and slowly going down with posture keeping straight. And everyday trying to achieve at least one extra .

I was continuously in touch with him for about 30 mins. So next time you got any celeb live do check out and who knows you ll be the Lucky one to be replied…😍

To all the people involved in fitness do follow