Always being Cheerful.

What’s the first impression you want to give people?

Smile is the first impression I give to people when come across them. I learned this from tourists and people from western countries.

Dubai attracts more than 1 Million tourists per year. Beautiful beaches, record-breaking attractions and experiences like no other – Dubai is the place to be in 2023. It’s no wonder we’ve been named Tripadvisor’s #1 Most Popular Destination in the World for the second year running. (Source : Visit Dubai)

Whenever I come across any foreign tourist and if i randomly made an eye contact , they give a smile while passing by. That lights up your mood. Imagine you are greeting a person who doesn’t know you. That shows your personality to others.

So next time you put a smile on your face when you come across anyone then will surely benefit you in future. The first impression plays an important role in building relations with the stranger. Whether it is in your career life or personal.

So always make sure to smile. Thank you.