Building a Sustainable City.

How would you design the city of the future?

Have you ever noticed that the countries who were once dependant on natural resources like crude oil, natural gas are taking a giant step towards sustainable cities and environment? Lets take a one good example of NEOM city in Saudi Arabia

The Line is a linear smart city under construction in Saudi Arabia in Neom, Tabuk Province, which is designed to have no cars, streets or carbon emissions.The 170-kilometre-long city is part of Saudi Vision 2030 project. The city’s plans anticipate a population of 9 million; 25% of Saudi Arabia’s current population of 35.5 million.

The plan is for the city to be powered entirely by renewable energy. It will consist of three layers, one on the surface for pedestrians, one underground for infrastructure, and another underground for transportation.Artificial intelligence will monitor the city and use predictive and data models to find ways to improve daily life for its citizens, with residents being paid for submitting data to The Line.

Also i have read that this will be a place where everything you want to visit will be at the distance of 5-10 mins. Imagine current society of building taking maximum land area and on the other hand, The Line is so compact that it can fit same no. of residents in straight horizon infrastructure.

I would design the city by keeping in mind about…

1. The sustainability.

2. Technology.

3. Entertainment venues at many locations so that the people can move out of their houses.

4. Zero Co2 emissions affecting the environment.

5. Boosting GDP of my country.

6. Tourist attraction hub.

7. Ease of Living.