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As tomorrow is Sunday, I have decided to start my day by reading a bible quote. I have been through many struggles few years back. Struggling to get a job, financial issues, losing job opportunities and many more. But those struggles didn’t last long. Because I always believed in god, with consistent efforts and not giving up I came out from the challenged one by one, all you need is hard work and faith in god. Our prayers are always heard.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

Isaiah 43.2

In the verse the Lord says: “Do not fear, I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine” God says not to fear! This should give you great comfort. Not only God is promising that all things are under perfect control, He has called you redeemed justified and victorious. “Whatever rough waters you find yourself wading in today, you will not be swept away.” The flames of temptation and tribulation cannot consume you. No hurdle, no challenge, no obstacle, is too powerful for you because you are already His. So fear not, Child of God. He is with you. Trust what he has promised you.

When I was struggling to get a job in my home country, I took a risk of moving to middle east on a visit visa to look for an opportunity. As the visa had a duration of 90 days. All I had to do try my best to apply on all Job search platforms. I used to keep applying 10-15 applications and consistently updating my CV.

During this period apart from genuine jobs, I came across lots of scams where they hire you till the duration of your visit visa and terminating you in the end. But you get the red flags by researching about these fraud job listings. I didn’t got a single response in 2 months of continuous job search. But I didn’t lose hope. I was consistent on searching for a job.

Finally after 2 months, I got an opportunity for an interview and I got selected in reputed company in Dubai. I learnt that consistent efforts and hard work always pays off. Lets not forget that I was praying everyday.

Today it’s been a year I am working, it’s been difficult to maintain the consistency in giving time to god. But, I always thank him for removing me from the struggles. We should remember him not only during bad times but also during good. Therefore I have decided to start everyday bible reading.

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In order to grow change is necessary.

Today, I would like to share you my personal experience on the ‘above topic on,’In order to grow change is necessary’.

 I am a diploma holder in mechanical engineering, and currently working in one of the reputed companies in Dubai. Before, it was like a thumb rule where you get a good score in SSC, the only option got to choose is science and opting to go for an Engineering. But whenever someone asks me for a suggestion, I just tell them there are many options other than going for engineering. I saw that the number of engineers are way more than the vacancies available everywhere.

With less salary and getting a job even being over qualified, I was not happy. I felt that I am just wasting my time here instead of finding the right job. Where it could give me spark in my life. But


So, I took a great step to start a career in safety. Of course, I had interest as it’s a respectful job to ensure that the surrounding and peoples are safe. But, when you are working for a very low salary and studying besides was the toughest challenge I ever faced.
Heartbreaking was, failing in the first attempt and paying 70% of your salary for re exams made me give up. But thanks to my family, they insisted me to give a one final try, and to give my best this time. And now I am happy to inform you guys that I finally cleared Nebosh IGC in Occupational Health and Safety.

It’s truer that hard work always pays off. And I am excited to finally begin my role as a Safety Officer. All I want to say is, “Life is all about taking Risk, if you never take a risk, You will never achieve your dreams.”Sometimes, you need to need a change in career.