Dubai : The city of dreams and opportunities.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would love to live in Dubai. Dubai is one of the best places I came across related to job opportunities, good income and rules and regulations. When I first came to Dubai I didn’t felt like I was missing India. I could see many Indians here in each and every corner of this.

Visit to Global Village, Dubai.

Dubai is known for its iconic skyline, extravagant architecture like the Burj Khalifa, luxury shopping malls, and artificial attractions such as the Palm Jumeirah. It’s also a global business hub and a city that has rapidly transformed in recent decades, blending modernity with traditional Middle Eastern culture.

The giant wheel, Blue waters.

Dubai is popular among expats for several reasons. It offers a tax-free income, a diverse and cosmopolitan lifestyle, modern infrastructure, and a high standard of living. The city also provides a safe environment, excellent healthcare, and a variety of international schools. Additionally, Dubai’s strategic location facilitates travel to various destinations, making it an attractive choice for those seeking both professional opportunities and a unique cultural experience.

The Burj Khalifa.

Some must-visit places in Dubai include the Burj Khalifa for stunning views, the Dubai Mall for shopping and entertainment, the Palm Jumeirah for luxury resorts, and the historic district of Al Fahidi for a glimpse into traditional Emirati culture. The Dubai Marina, with its waterfront promenade, and the Dubai Miracle Garden, a vibrant floral oasis, are also popular attractions. Each location offers a distinct experience, catering to a diverse range of interests.

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Buying Iphone 14.

Name the most expensive personal item you’ve ever purchased (not your home or car).

There was a time when I would not even think of buying an iPhone. When I was in Higher Secondary School I got my first Java phone Nokia 1800. During my diploma in engineering , I had a black berry 9800 which was a classic phone as that phone had both touchscreen and qwerty keypad options.

As I started receiving stipend of 5000 INR, I got my first ever phone which is Micromax. Little did I know that the storage was only 8 gb of which 2 GB is consumed by apps itself. It was difficult but I managed to use it for 4 years.

Then once I got by first job, I bought Lenovo P1M40a. That phone I still use to watch cricket matches.

And now I bought first iPhone 14. This was the moment where I felt that my life is going good.After all these years of struggle, I am finally earning a decent income to get iPhone. And I pray that in next coming years I will be growing in my career and get something more expensive than smartphone.

Delivering safety message with effective examples.

As a role of a safety officer, I need to ensure that the employees working in my organisation is safe while performing the tasks. Not only the safety of our workers, but to protect the property and environment. But an effective communication can prove useful in delivering the safety message to the employees.

I have noticed in many training academies where their tagline mentions – Training saves lives.” or “Knowledge saves lives.” It is true that the training which is the 4th control in the Hierarchy of controls mentions that training is necessary to ensure that the employees have been educated about the hazards and risks, and that the control and preventive measures have been discussed with them. Here’s how I deliver the safety message to the new employees during safety induction.

I start by telling them that “Your family is waiting for you at home. Remember! I am sacrificing my quality time working here (abroad) for my family. Let’s assume that I am the only bread earner. Because of me, my family is happy and they are celebrating Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Onam, etc. But suppose I met with an accident and it took my life, imagine how deep pain they will be in…They will grieve forever because of the loss of their son, husband, brother, or any loved one. The company will replace you with a new candidate in the next two months but remember that your family will grieve throughout their life. So always remember that your life is precious. If you are safe then everything will go smoothly.”

Example 2: “Imagine if I lost my hand in an accident and there will come a time when I’ll be meeting my family during my annual leave. Of course, everyone’s family is excited to see their loved ones after a year. My daughter or son is so excited to see me at the airport and once she got a glimpse of me, she runs towards me to hug. And that’s when your heart will be heavy and you’ll be in deep pain knowing that if you don’t have a hand then how will you hug your kid? You’ll remember that if that accident didn’t happen this wouldn’t be the situation. So always make sure that your safety is important at work. Always repeat yourself before starting any work by saying “I will work safely and I will go home safely.” This everyday affirmation will record in your subconscious mind and the chances of accidents will eventually reduce.” Stay safe!

I feel that it is important for these employee to process the message given in the trainings and effectively following it while working. After all safety is priority. A major accident can result in direct and indirect costs to the organisation affecting the reputation. It is a big challenge to maintain the productivity, quality and safety together inside an organization, but a successful organisation who maintains this three has a positive work culture and employees happiness throughout the years.

And as a safety officer, it is my duty to deliver the message in clear and concise manner to the people at all levels of the organisation.

Work safely ! Go home Safely !

My one year experience in Dubai !

IBN Battuta gate.

     It was almost a year when I first came to Dubai to explore job opportunities in safety field. But, let’s rewind a year ago when I face one of the toughest challenges in my life during covid 19. It shocked the whole world and no one had imagined that the virus which is transmissible through air would take millions of lives. Also I had lost a much needed opportunity during covid 19.

     Few weeks before the nationwide lockdown, I had got an opportunity for a dream job of a safety officer and for that I returned to my country to complete my visa process and medical. But alas! As one week passed, our prime minister gave us a surprise that a nationwide lockdown has been implemented the whole nation came into stand still.

Unlucky me, as flights w cancelled for more than a year and I was just sitting at home hoping that one day I ll get to fly. The country of Kuwait had a strict rule as flights were still not resumed for almost one and a half year. And after staying at home for almost a year, I got a call from the organization that they cannot wait for more and that they are hiring locally. I was sad and felt as if I had lost a good opportunity in this pandemic.

 So, later after few months, I got an opportunity to work for a shutdown project in reputed company in Qatar. But that project lasted for 2 months and I was back home. All thanks to my brother! He gave me an opportunity to come in UAE in search of Job opportunities. It was 29/4/2022. With new hope and search for the job I left my country with all new hopes and blessings from my mom. I was not sad because I was waiting for that one moment where I ll get a chance to find a job.

As soon as I reached Dubai, I was mesmerised looking at the beautiful infrastructure and high-rise buildings there people from different parts of the world visited this beautiful city as it is one of the most attractive tourist place in the world. This city has been way ahead then most of the popular cities in the world.

The tourist place that I got a chance to see is ‘The Burj Khalifa’ in just 60 Dirhams as it was an Eid offer. I got to see the beautiful properties of Emaar and Damac from the 120th floor. Outside the Burj Khalifa, there is a fountain called ‘The Dubai Fountain’ Illuminated by 6,600 lights and 50 coloured projectors, It is around 900 ft long and shoots water (500 ft) into the air while accompanied by a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and other music. It is the world’s largest choreographed fountain.

On 26 October 2008, Emaar announced that based on results of a naming contest the fountain would be called the Dubai Fountain. The Dubai mall is one of the biggest malls I have ever seen. Trust me you will get tired walking around the mall exploring the shops. It’s like a one stop hub for everything. You can shop, eat, play, watch movies and can do many other activities.

Also, the ‘IBN Battuta Mall’ is one of the attractions shouldn’t meet when exploring Dubai. The mall is divided into different parts and each part is designed with the country’s theme. For example, if you enter into the China court, you ll see the walls designed with dragon arts and a huge vintage ship built which looks almost real. The one is the India court where there is the statue of ancient elephants along with the whisperer. Other court where you ll get to see are Egypt, Tunisia, Persia court etc.

About the public transport you ll find out that there are driverless metros continuously running to and from one destination to other without any delay. The nol card is like a debit card where you need to recharge and scan on the entrance of the station to enter into the platform. This card can also be used in RTA buses and shops too. If you purchase a gold tier card that you ll get to see the amazing view from the front of the metro.

Other tourist places that I visited was ‘The Global Village’.

Global Village welcomes millions of guests every season, making it the park with the 4th largest daily footfall in the world. With a strong belief that the world’s diversity and creativity is a limitless source of excitement and that human connection should have no boundaries, Global Village brings together extraordinary people to create a More Wonderful World for guests from around the globe. This is like a mini globe where there are many different places built like a different country of the world. The place is huge and spread across miles, you will need to take frequent breaks in order to explore the whole village. There is amusement park where families including children can have fun.

Well there’s many things that I want to share and I am going to share my experience in next few blogs. Over all this is the best city I have visited so far. Also by gods grace I am working as a safety office in one of the reputed company in Dubai. What I learnt is that not matter whatever challenges you go through, always put effort in what you are doing and keep praying.

Cheers !