Always being Cheerful.

What’s the first impression you want to give people?

Smile is the first impression I give to people when come across them. I learned this from tourists and people from western countries.

Dubai attracts more than 1 Million tourists per year. Beautiful beaches, record-breaking attractions and experiences like no other – Dubai is the place to be in 2023. It’s no wonder we’ve been named Tripadvisor’s #1 Most Popular Destination in the World for the second year running. (Source : Visit Dubai)

Whenever I come across any foreign tourist and if i randomly made an eye contact , they give a smile while passing by. That lights up your mood. Imagine you are greeting a person who doesn’t know you. That shows your personality to others.

So next time you put a smile on your face when you come across anyone then will surely benefit you in future. The first impression plays an important role in building relations with the stranger. Whether it is in your career life or personal.

So always make sure to smile. Thank you.

Life after 3 years !

What will your life be like in three years?

  • Exactly after three years, I will be a happily loving husband living a happily married life.
  • I will be having the best moments with my wife after years of patience. Long distance relationship is indeed very difficult.
  • I will be working in reputed organization at a better position with a good package.
  • I will also have my driving license and a company car.
  • Maybe I ll also be having kids. 😀
  • My mom will be finally coming to Dubai after decades. The last time she visited was back in 1990s.
  • Dubai will become my next home country and I will be spending most of my work life here.
  • I am going to experience the new opening of Mega projects in UAE.

I would be happy to see this blog after three years and getting emotional after watching all the plans getting executed.

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Thank you.

Giving time to God !

glory to god book
Daily writing prompt
What’s your #1 priority tomorrow?

As tomorrow is Sunday, I have decided to start my day by reading a bible quote. I have been through many struggles few years back. Struggling to get a job, financial issues, losing job opportunities and many more. But those struggles didn’t last long. Because I always believed in god, with consistent efforts and not giving up I came out from the challenged one by one, all you need is hard work and faith in god. Our prayers are always heard.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

Isaiah 43.2

In the verse the Lord says: “Do not fear, I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine” God says not to fear! This should give you great comfort. Not only God is promising that all things are under perfect control, He has called you redeemed justified and victorious. “Whatever rough waters you find yourself wading in today, you will not be swept away.” The flames of temptation and tribulation cannot consume you. No hurdle, no challenge, no obstacle, is too powerful for you because you are already His. So fear not, Child of God. He is with you. Trust what he has promised you.

When I was struggling to get a job in my home country, I took a risk of moving to middle east on a visit visa to look for an opportunity. As the visa had a duration of 90 days. All I had to do try my best to apply on all Job search platforms. I used to keep applying 10-15 applications and consistently updating my CV.

During this period apart from genuine jobs, I came across lots of scams where they hire you till the duration of your visit visa and terminating you in the end. But you get the red flags by researching about these fraud job listings. I didn’t got a single response in 2 months of continuous job search. But I didn’t lose hope. I was consistent on searching for a job.

Finally after 2 months, I got an opportunity for an interview and I got selected in reputed company in Dubai. I learnt that consistent efforts and hard work always pays off. Lets not forget that I was praying everyday.

Today it’s been a year I am working, it’s been difficult to maintain the consistency in giving time to god. But, I always thank him for removing me from the struggles. We should remember him not only during bad times but also during good. Therefore I have decided to start everyday bible reading.

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Delivering safety message with effective examples.

As a role of a safety officer, I need to ensure that the employees working in my organisation is safe while performing the tasks. Not only the safety of our workers, but to protect the property and environment. But an effective communication can prove useful in delivering the safety message to the employees.

I have noticed in many training academies where their tagline mentions – Training saves lives.” or “Knowledge saves lives.” It is true that the training which is the 4th control in the Hierarchy of controls mentions that training is necessary to ensure that the employees have been educated about the hazards and risks, and that the control and preventive measures have been discussed with them. Here’s how I deliver the safety message to the new employees during safety induction.

I start by telling them that “Your family is waiting for you at home. Remember! I am sacrificing my quality time working here (abroad) for my family. Let’s assume that I am the only bread earner. Because of me, my family is happy and they are celebrating Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Onam, etc. But suppose I met with an accident and it took my life, imagine how deep pain they will be in…They will grieve forever because of the loss of their son, husband, brother, or any loved one. The company will replace you with a new candidate in the next two months but remember that your family will grieve throughout their life. So always remember that your life is precious. If you are safe then everything will go smoothly.”

Example 2: “Imagine if I lost my hand in an accident and there will come a time when I’ll be meeting my family during my annual leave. Of course, everyone’s family is excited to see their loved ones after a year. My daughter or son is so excited to see me at the airport and once she got a glimpse of me, she runs towards me to hug. And that’s when your heart will be heavy and you’ll be in deep pain knowing that if you don’t have a hand then how will you hug your kid? You’ll remember that if that accident didn’t happen this wouldn’t be the situation. So always make sure that your safety is important at work. Always repeat yourself before starting any work by saying “I will work safely and I will go home safely.” This everyday affirmation will record in your subconscious mind and the chances of accidents will eventually reduce.” Stay safe!

I feel that it is important for these employee to process the message given in the trainings and effectively following it while working. After all safety is priority. A major accident can result in direct and indirect costs to the organisation affecting the reputation. It is a big challenge to maintain the productivity, quality and safety together inside an organization, but a successful organisation who maintains this three has a positive work culture and employees happiness throughout the years.

And as a safety officer, it is my duty to deliver the message in clear and concise manner to the people at all levels of the organisation.

Work safely ! Go home Safely !

What lockdown taught us?

Hi!   Its been a while since the last blog, so here we go…

In this 21st century we are living on a high paced world where a small delay or inconvenience makes our life hectic or miserable. And thanks to the technology that everything is upgraded in this digital world. But ever thought about what if our fast-growing life suddenly comes to a standstill? But for sure to prevent this kind of shutdowns our Researchers and Top-level experts always had a Plan B if this would happen.

But no one imagined that virus would have caused so much havoc that the whole world will come to a lockdown. We have come up with antibiotics and vaccines for epidemics and pandemics before, but this was something different that no one was ready to face and about 20 m people would have been affected. This tiny virus has prohibited us from from hugging, shaking hands and even made us to keep a distance of 1 m at least. I just remember the scene from the movie ‘Five Feet Apart’. =) The sad part is that the symptoms go unnoticed for number of days, and all of a sudden you get a cough, fever and other symptoms which are related to this virus.


But have you realized that this lockdowns have been done for the very first time and it’s been around 6 weeks (India.) and still continuing? We always had an excuse for sacrificing our passion for something because of our busy schedule and work life. Well the introverts will be the happiest people during this lockdown as its their daily routine to stay at home at all times.

  • People got a chance to do something they always had a passion to do.
  • Those who had an interest in cooking got an opportunity to try new recipes for their family, as well as a member we always motivate the chef so we keep enjoying tasty new dishes
  • You can survive without a junk food.

Crispy Chicken Balls

  •  A hardworking person who finally got a time to spend with their family. (A husband to a wife, a mom to her children, a son to her older parents and many others.)
  • Relationships are not defined by the physical distance.
  • What about Earth? Have you ever seen that the ozone layer that protects us from UV Radiation emitted from the sun is finally repairing itself after being depleted due to pollution and other gases.
  •  The rivers in the various cities once were polluted with oil and grease released from a motor boats are finally cleaned and there are some great visuals of Dolphins sightings in the cities.Yamuna-River_1714ac97539_large
  •  Just pulling those cruise ships out of the water is going to reduce the amount of global ocean water pollutants and noise almost instantaneously.
  • Maggie cannot be made in 2 minutes.
  • You will finally get bore even after sleeping.
  • Ludo finally came into Existence from Extinct
  • And finally Our parents is really our best friends, we just need to give them a chance.


But after all this we are praying that this Pandemic will soon come to an end and lockdowns will be lifted so that we can carry on our daily schedule, Indeed people are suffering and many have lost their livelihood, we are deeply hurt for the daily wage workers those who are affected. Also lets hope that the researchers and scientists come up with the medicines and Vaccines. Finally we believe that nothing lasts forever and in the end everything’s going to be okay. Cheers !

Its new Beginning !

It’s been like 3 months I haven’t Blogged. I have been very busy and it’s been almost a year in Kuwait. There were some known Bloggers who I was in touch with back then.

Well I just want to share you about my interest in sports. There’s no other feeling than doing things in life which you have dreamed of . Since childhood I have been playing and watching Cricket. I have dreamed of playing at district or national level but as we know my Country is huge and Millions other have same Interests like me fighting to achieve it.

I didn’t achieved it in India. But here I got a chance to play for a Local Club 🙌 name Trinity. I have been so happy since then. Days are passing by for me one of the reasons I don’t want to leave Kuwait is Cricket. My team members are amazing and have great skills and also boosts my confidence by giving suggestions .My first day wearing a jersey of my team.

This is a new beginning and let’s see how far it goes. I thought I would love to share it with you and hope you like it . Cheers

Lalbaugcha Raja.

On occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi !

Lalbaugcha Raja is most famous for Sarvajanik Ganpati kept during Ganesh Chaturthi festival. The idol is kept for public display for Eleven days thereafter it is immersed on the auspicious day of Anand Chaturthi.It is believed that this Idol of Lord Ganesha is Navsacha Ganpati (which means the “one who fulfills all wishes”) and hence over 1.5 million people visit this Ganesh Pandal daily during the 10-day Ganesha festival.

In 2017, the Lalbaugcha Raja Ganpati is now in its 83rd year.The Lalbaugcha Raja Ganesh idol has been organized by the kambli family for over eight decades now. The Kambli family have their workshop in a little lane off the main road in Lalbaug, not very far from where the pandal is located.

Lalbaugcha Raja ganesh utsav 2017 was innuagrated on Friday 25th August 2017, early morning 4.00 AM by the Mandal’s President Mr.Balasaheb Sudam Kamble. The same was followed by Pratishthapana Puja. Post the Puja, Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 darshan is opened to all the devotees from early morning 6.00 AM onwards and the Lalbaugcha Raja souvenir for 2017 was published. Lalbaugcha Raja Charan Sparsh is available for 24 hours from early morning 6.00 AM, Friday – 25th August 2017 onwards. The Charan Sparsh darshan will be closed on Monday – 4th September 2017, Morning 10.00 am.People of all faith visit Lalbaugch for Charan Sparsh( Touch Feet) and get blessing of Lord Ganesh. Lakhs of People are Standing in queue 24/7 to get the blessings of Lord Ganesh.

Routes -To reach here one can come from Chinchpokali or Byculla Station. (Depending upon the length of the line) The Mukh Darshan queue is also reachable from Cotton Green Station on Harbour Railway.) Ganpati Bappa Morya.

location details

Click on above link for Google Maps.

Cheap Thrill Fan !

Well Sia’s Cheap Thrills has won many Hearts and it is the song which keep on going through your mind. Well my todays post is about my Cousin ‘Marvel’ . Most of the people who have been in touch with my blogs from the start are familiar as I had published the blog ( Here’s a link 👇)

I just want to share a link on her dancing on favorite song Cheap Thrills . 😍 ( Click on link and not the Post)

2 Foreigners in Bollywood.

Whats up Guys ! Today  I am going to share about the above topic that is ‘2 Foreigners in Bollywood’. You may wondering what is it actually, is it about the two Actors who have been working in Bollywood. Nope. So here it is..

With dreams of making it big in Bollywood, Johan Bartoli and Hampus Bergqvist have now permanently shifted base to Mumbai. The two Swedes, with their social page ‘2 Foreigners In Bollywood’, are the new craze in town; from funny videos to awesome sauce photos, they have more desi in them than most of us. Their Facebook page currently has a Whopping  22,00,000 followers. 

The Videos are based on daily life of a Common man. According to research these men have been together since time immemorial. Graduates in business management, the two came to India to make it big in Bollywood and they did some of the videos are

  1. When TC catches a person from UP who doesn’t have a ticket.
  2. Between peoples and Rickshawallah
  3. When small town guys visit big City.

Chris and John has also acted in Bollywood movies in Rustom and Banjo . Their Hindi with a foreign accent is what everybody loves and they have been famous and frequently comes up with a new video. So sit back and Enjoy!
Do let me know your views on them.

IPL Grand Finale: It’s a Maharashtra Derby

This week is all about IPL, So this is my second post on IPL topic and now just to inform you that my Favourites Mumbai Indians have defeated Kolkata Knight Riders entering into a Grand Finale with Rising Pune Super Giants. 

Mumbai Indians (MI) defeated Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) by six wickets in 14.3 overs and advance to the final of the Indian Premier League (IPL) at Bengaluru on Friday. Chasing a paltry 108 runs, MI lost three early wickets, but Rohit Sharma and Krunal Pandya took the team closer to victory. For Mumbai, Krunal Pandya (45 not out) scored the highest. For Kolkata, Piyush Chawla finished with the figures of two for 34 . 

Kolkata were hoping to get off to a flying start, their plans were doused in the second over when got out. With the loss, Kolkata failed to break the Mumbai jinx, having lost to them in all games since 2015.Kolkata Tumbled starting with the wicket of Chris Lynn and didn’t manage to make a good partnership, thanks to Karn Sharma who bagged 4 wickets with his spinning Deliveries. 

Now its will be The Maharashtra Derby since both teams of same state will be competing with each other, Don’t forget to miss the action on Sony Six HD tomorrow at 5:30 AST. Cheers!