Birthday Surprise !

Tell us about the last thing you got excited about.

On my 30th birthday, I was about to get a surprise from my girlfriend. I am in long distance relationship, and to stay away from each other is the biggest challenge a couple could face. It tests the patience between two persons but, if love is pure, then nothing is impossible. The day will come when we ll be finally be together. So here’s what happened…

I have my colleague who is always with me while working, we have a bond like brothers and when I tell about how mu day went I also share about him to my girlfriend most of the times. So she contacted him on social media and told him not to inform me about the birthday surprise. But as we know many of them are so poor in hiding surprises that they let it out anyhow. So one day he told me that I am getting surprise from my gf. He told me not to inform her as she will get disappointed. He gave a hint that she is coming to meet me in Dubai all the way from India.

I was on the moon from that very fine day. I was so happy and excited. I had to plan my schedule for a week on how to manage my work and also spend time her. I also ended up giving my overtime to my other colleague. So that I can be available to take her to amazing places like ‘The Burj Khalifa’, The Dubai mall, Blue waters marina and more. Some times I couldn’t get a sleep because of overthinking of that day where she ll give me a surprise.

But, days before I seriously asked my colleague once again about her arrival time and he chuckled at me saying that she is not coming to Dubai. I was heart broken and sad. The expectations and excitement faded away. He always lie to me about small things but this genuinely hurted me. From his point of view it was just a normal lie and he told me that he wanted to see my excitement and love for her.

Well, maybe I believe its not his mistake as he is into short distance relationship and unaware about what I unless he stepped into my shoes. Going forward on my birthday. It was a G Shock watch that I got as a gift from my girl and I was happy about it. (Not as excited and happy as I was before.) For me her presence is all that matters to me than other materialistic things. ♥️