Best Friends are Diamonds!

We all have a huge circle of friends in our life. Years a ago, there was a time where we often used to get together at a fixed time and at a fixed place to have fun together. Of course, there was no technology to rely on, so mostly it was our daily routine of playing outdoor traditional games and it was way more fun, and not even us, but also our parents used to join us by having a good time. But Alas! those time were precious and today’s generation will no longer experience it because of the digital world that we are living in.

But we do have someone to whom we called friends. Now a days it is easy to make friends on social media. These decade the social media played a mighty role of a person having 2000-3000 friends whom he don’t even know 70% of the people, the other 20 % is are the ones that we call them social media buddies, where there is a current trend going on by reacting to memes and other posts, and the rest 10% are those people whom we genuinely know them.

But are those friends real? I feel that in this current generation to overcome our loneliness and sadness we do spend more time on media, this for sure give us that temporary happiness and often for some are addicted consider it as a detox. And now this current lockdown has taken the people to a whole new level of meeting each other digitally.

Why we need a best friend? For me I too have many friends but I have only have one whom I consider it as a special one, ‘The Best Friend’. We see that people will always be replaced at the particular time, school friends are replacing college friends, college friends with the work colleagues and so on, but those rare ones whom we are still in touch with each other and meet are considered as best ones, another reason so a best friend will always be by your side during the ups and downs in your life, no matter you ll have a girl friend/boy friend but if things doesn’t work between you then you take the help of the bestie, because they are the ones who will listen to you guide you and advise you to take further actions to make your relationship grow stronger. They will by your side at the start of your relationship and will also be at the end to support you during tough times, we consider them as the family.

He/she will always be loyal with you. Sometimes such situation may come due to that she/he have to take such decisions which are not in your favour but he/she must have to tell you by seeing a good opportunity without hurting you. If you are positive you will for sure take it in a good way. Sometimes you need to kill your Ego and Attitude to maintain a relationship and friendship. They are protective of you.Your friend won’t be overprotective because they see you as a possession. Instead, they’ll be protective in a good way. They love you, so they want you to be safe, and they want the best for you.

I do believe that a best friend plays an important role in everyone’s life and most of the happy moments are created with best friends.

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