My First Experience Abroad!

Every person wants to travel abroad for at least one time  in his life. I have many members in my family and most of them works abroad, so when I was a kid I used to get a lots of swiss Chocolates and that some point I thought that life out of country is amazing. As the years passed and finally completed my Diploma in Engineering, I struggle for job for about a year. In today’s generation I can only say the number of  Engineers are increasing than that of jobs.  But  this Feb I got an opportunity to work for the ISO Company Kuwait. This was the time that I realised that finally its was my time. At one point I was very happy and at other I was sad to leave my family.but I didn’t wanted to lose this opportunity .

Since I came here I felt like Kuwait is yet to be developed, Like how India used to be 10 years Back. Except some places like Kuwait City you will not see a single Sky Scraper in areas, So whenever I plan the only thing I visit  is Kuwait City. Besides I have experienced the temperature as  high as 45° Celsius and people say its just a start of Summer. The month from May to September are mostly hot.  sun rises at 5:00 am and sets at 6:30pm so the days are long and nights are short, time passing slowly . But here I don’t get bored because you will find a lots of Indians here and since I am an indian too we all have same interest playing Cricket which is everyone’s favourite.

One good thing you will see a big grounds and many pitches in it , so whenever luck is not in your favour there are chances you ll get hit by a ball with any direction. Its been 3 months and I have experienced a lot. Some of the amazings Sights to see is The Liberation Tower which is a 372-meter-high telecommunications tower in Kuwait City, Kuwait, the second-tallest structure in the Kuwait.( Picture originally clicked by me.)

Also The Kuwait Towers in Sharq  are a group of three slender towers in Kuwait City as I have yet to visit this place.

Well its been just 3 months since I have been here and there’s lot to explore. One of best thing is the internet here, in India to get 2gb 4G data will cost you around 500 but here I can use upto 200 GB 4G for a month with the same price which is amazing. Even if I try my best I never cross 50 plus.

I have many friends working here for many years and being with them has made me happy. So after 2 years as my Contract gets over I ll be travelling back to India with lots of Chocolates and other stuffs 😎.