My 7 Months Journey in living Abroad

It’s been 7 month I have been staying in Kuwait. I remember as soon as I Step outside Kuwait Airport, for the first time in life I experienced how it feels to live in 0Β°C. And reaching the Camp at 1:00 am and first day at work at just 5:00 am the same day πŸ™‡ . Whenever I remember that day it always make a uncomfortable and sad for a moment.

So there are amazing places to visit in Kuwait and the most common is the Kuwait City, the capital and I also call it the centre of Kuwait. Its the only place where you will get to see high Skyscrapers and Huge companies than any other in the country. And to be honest the only people you ll see are Indians πŸ˜€. Apart from there are others from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Philippines.

So if we talk about the food then there’s everything I you ll find. Here Kuboos is very Common, it is roti made with wheat flour or all purpose flour. Before, kuboos was more familiar for malayalees who had a Middle East connection. But now it is in for everyone. Given here is an easy to make recipe. Khubz is usually baked in hot oven, but here we are going to prepare it in a flat non-stick pan.

I have been to Salmiya city and I think its the place where lots of Goans live. There are malls, hotels, beach and a big park where its called a Salmiya Garden. It’s always been fun if you have close friends or relatives Staying here. My day Starts and it’s like Eat Sleep Work Repeat and it goes on. About holidays compared to India is less but the number of leaves is more that what I get in India. 3 Days Hala February, 3 days Ramadan Eid, and few days back I got 5 days off onΒ Bakra Eid.

One of the best things about living in Kuwait is you will find ‘n’ number of Super Cars, definitely I’m a fan of Super cars. Ferrari, Porsche, Chevrolet (Camaro) you name it. I have made a Collection of pics of Supercars I have seen here. πŸ™Œ

But there’s a lot to explore yet, I haven’t yet visited The Kuwait Towers some beaches yet and I still have 1.5 months….Cheers ! πŸ’œ