What lockdown taught us?

Hi!   Its been a while since the last blog, so here we go…

In this 21st century we are living on a high paced world where a small delay or inconvenience makes our life hectic or miserable. And thanks to the technology that everything is upgraded in this digital world. But ever thought about what if our fast-growing life suddenly comes to a standstill? But for sure to prevent this kind of shutdowns our Researchers and Top-level experts always had a Plan B if this would happen.

But no one imagined that virus would have caused so much havoc that the whole world will come to a lockdown. We have come up with antibiotics and vaccines for epidemics and pandemics before, but this was something different that no one was ready to face and about 20 m people would have been affected. This tiny virus has prohibited us from from hugging, shaking hands and even made us to keep a distance of 1 m at least. I just remember the scene from the movie ‘Five Feet Apart’. =) The sad part is that the symptoms go unnoticed for number of days, and all of a sudden you get a cough, fever and other symptoms which are related to this virus.


But have you realized that this lockdowns have been done for the very first time and it’s been around 6 weeks (India.) and still continuing? We always had an excuse for sacrificing our passion for something because of our busy schedule and work life. Well the introverts will be the happiest people during this lockdown as its their daily routine to stay at home at all times.

  • People got a chance to do something they always had a passion to do.
  • Those who had an interest in cooking got an opportunity to try new recipes for their family, as well as a member we always motivate the chef so we keep enjoying tasty new dishes
  • You can survive without a junk food.

Crispy Chicken Balls

  •  A hardworking person who finally got a time to spend with their family. (A husband to a wife, a mom to her children, a son to her older parents and many others.)
  • Relationships are not defined by the physical distance.
  • What about Earth? Have you ever seen that the ozone layer that protects us from UV Radiation emitted from the sun is finally repairing itself after being depleted due to pollution and other gases.
  •  The rivers in the various cities once were polluted with oil and grease released from a motor boats are finally cleaned and there are some great visuals of Dolphins sightings in the cities.Yamuna-River_1714ac97539_large
  •  Just pulling those cruise ships out of the water is going to reduce the amount of global ocean water pollutants and noise almost instantaneously.
  • Maggie cannot be made in 2 minutes.
  • You will finally get bore even after sleeping.
  • Ludo finally came into Existence from Extinct
  • And finally Our parents is really our best friends, we just need to give them a chance.


But after all this we are praying that this Pandemic will soon come to an end and lockdowns will be lifted so that we can carry on our daily schedule, Indeed people are suffering and many have lost their livelihood, we are deeply hurt for the daily wage workers those who are affected. Also lets hope that the researchers and scientists come up with the medicines and Vaccines. Finally we believe that nothing lasts forever and in the end everything’s going to be okay. Cheers !

A Small Deed !

Its been almost two years and I had an amazing experience in Kuwait. But as the days passed now there’s nothing to explore unlike the same day everyday, like a Deja Vu that keeps on happening again and again.

I was working in the Same Factory in Subhan for almost a 1.7 years. My role is performing a Line Inspection of Production Items which are produced from the CNC Machines. Total there are 12 Units in Ahleia and they are all closed by a mile each. Some are right behind one other. I was given a task to perform a Inspection of Items in one of the base Unit of the Ahleia, that is Unit 6. It is where the HR department and the Transformers are manufactured and also the biggest store of all units is located there.

So usually everything was new to me, like the infrastructure, departments, Peoples, Supervisors etc. Also it has the biggest Dining as compared to other units (factories). 500 people can have lunch at a time. When I used to have a lunch I saw that an Old man around maybe 60 – 70 years used to break a Khuboos ( circular bread which is made of wheat mostly common in Middle East ) into tiny pieces and put it into a plastic bag. I see him everyday at the same time filling 2-3 bags with very tiny pieces of Khuboos.

All Employees handed a left over Khuboos to him and he used to Calmly says Thank You with a smile on his face. I couldn’t resist keeping quiet and just watching him do that activity so I approached to him and ask him that why does he do that often and everyday. He told me that after the lunch time is over he has a place where he feeds it to the Birds and other pets outside the Unit. He also said if you threw a pieces of food on a cement floor it will rot and spoil but if you keep it on a sand then it lasts longer and any time the Birds and other animals can feed on them. He told that he has started it recently but I think does it every summer.

I realise that I live in a country where the temp soars to whooping 50° C for months and how does this creatures will survive if we don’t think about them. We can’t see their sufferings and they can’t speak, This Old Man is truly a Hero to them and because of him there is a chance of Survival for the Birds and animals.

I want to deliver a message to everyone that why shouldn’t we start think of other species do a favour of keeping atleast a water in a can or a tray outside the window, so that the birds can feed and drink on then when required, you will not see the soon and the water will dry out but for sure there will be thirsty ones that will be searching for water to survive. Please ignore my grammars and other mistakes in this blog and I hope this idea has clicked your mind. Do share your views in comments.

Do check out my other Blogs based on my personal experience in life.

Adios !

Making New Friends on Smule !

If you are using Facebook for years and like everyday you post, chat with the friends you know and it continues the same and is very boring. But ever you have made any new Foreign Friends which you never thought you did meet them? It’s been months I have been staying abroad and my activity on social networks changed a little,just this much. But, I would like to introduce you to Smule.

Sing by smule app logo

I came across Smule app where you can sing and peoples from all around the Globe collab with you . This app has became my hobby and I usually Sing when I am free. So I came across a group on Facebook called ‘Singtopia’. It is a closed group with 9K members from all over the world meet. You need a Smule ID and some Collabs to join it.

Users choose a song and either sing along to it as a solo, duet, or group performance. Performances are uploaded to Smule’s database and the user decides if they would like to keep the performance private or share it with the community and invite others to join their performance.
So what I do is  I share my links on it and others join, Some have Meet ups, some makes an amazing group Songs, Weekly Themes to sing about that particular Genre etc. Since than I have made so many new friends, that we always join each other in Songs, chat, Discussions. I have been so much in love with this group that everyday there’s something new and entertaining to look for.

Hope you liked it. 💜 

50°C : Summer has Come!

Okay I know there’s a famous dialogue from Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming ” thought to just change it little bit.😂 

Most of the people haven’t faced this much heat except the one who stays in Middle East. Yes today a sudden beep from my Weather app  showed that today the temperature soared to 50° C. So its been a start of the mid Summer.

I have heard people saying that it crosses 60° but that’s too much and I completely ignore them😒. But July will going to be a lot Hotter with the temp staying still in afternoon. There are also a Rules that people should not been working outside in this temperature and certain companies are closed here. 

But soon after August the temperature will dip and and it will be the Start of the winter in which the temp will be as low as 0° C. But its still time and when it does I ll Post a Blog on that too 😃. See Ya!

Champions Trophy 2017

Its Champions Trophy time and the stakes are high. Following teams will participate in this tournament.

Group A : England, Australia, New Zealand,                    Bangladesh.

Group B : India, Pakistan, South Africa,                           Srilanka.

The first game was played between Bangladesh and England and guess what England defeated them chasing 305 runs with Joe Root Scoring a century.

But tomorrow is the big day as its India vs Pakistan 😂

Almost all were waiting for this day to arrive, so do not forget to watch it tomorrow at 12:30 AST. #MaukaMauka. India thrashed Bangladesh scoring 324 runs in 50 Overs and winning by a big margin in Practice Match.

So I will wrap up my blog by saying that the competition is tough and unpredictable. Guess we have to find out who will lift the Title in the end? 😊

Cheap Thrill Fan !

Well Sia’s Cheap Thrills has won many Hearts and it is the song which keep on going through your mind. Well my todays post is about my Cousin ‘Marvel’ . Most of the people who have been in touch with my blogs from the start are familiar as I had published the blog ( Here’s a link 👇) 


I just want to share a link on her dancing on favorite song Cheap Thrills . 😍 ( Click on link and not the Post)

I Miss you Dad !

It hurts to think that you are not here anymore. Although I can’t help but smile with tears in my eyes to think of how we cherished each and every moment of our lives together when you were alive. I miss you dad.

I was just 5 years old when he left me forever. I just remember little memories of him carrying me wherever he goes, waking up for school and me crying always as I didn’t want to.
Life was very hard since then today I can imagine how my mom must have suffered, how she brought us up together till we completed school and college. Specially my younger sis ‘Austina’ She was born a year after my DAD passed away. 😔

She even didn’t know how he was and what were the things that we did together . Whenever she would ask me a question about him I would change the topic as I didn’t know what to say. But our life was not ended but it was changed.

Every time at 12:00 am on my Birthday, the Birthday wishes keep on flooding. But I spend that moment silently crying remembering those old memories I had with my dad, what would have been if he was still with us. The memories flashes through my eyes on that day every year. We wouldn’t have struggled a lot for job, Financial problems etc.

(One of the old pics..)

Now here I stand on my fathers footsteps to help my family in needs through good and bad times. And its been 19 years and I still miss you Dad ! 😊

Versatile Blogger Award | 7 Facts about me !

​Its a quick back to back Posts from me, Well I was nominated as a Versatile Blogger Award from one of my Close Blogmate Omobim1 . Well I am Started showing interest in her latest posts of her internship days and it’s like you have started reading a Book, You too shouldn’t want to miss her posts.

The  rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:

  1. Thank the bloggers who nominated you and share their links.
  2. Nominate at least 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs. Also, inform them about the nomination.
  3. Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.

       Here are the 7 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME

  • I am Aloysius Albert Fernandes (People call me Aloy) 24 years old all away from the country with numerous cultures and traditions India.
  • Meaning of my name Aloysius is  ‘Famous Warrior’ but I am no Warrior, I am just a normal guy living in a normal world.
  • If you ever saw me somewhere in this small world, heres how I look
  • Though I am 24 years old but still I am the youngest boy from my family, its like you just don’t pay for anything and all the sponsorers are my Elder Bros 🙈
  • Followers are everything to me in any Social Network site, they are the ones who show interests in you and your posts, ever imagined what is the use of the Social networking sites if there are no friends, peoples to engage with.
  • I have been always lucky every time, winning merchandise collections, Concert + Movie Tickets, T-shirts through social media Competitions it’s like I have a gift. 😁 
  • And one last thing about my Birthday, let’s see who remembers my Birthday on 13 August.

    Blogs I highly recommend and further nominate for this award are:

    1. Prerna’s Blog
    2. Brainy Versatility
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