Review : Threads app.

It was July 5 when an app called ‘Threads’ was launched. Threads is a social media platform and social networking service owned and operated by Meta Platforms. The app offers users the ability to post and share text, images, and videos, as well as to interact with other users’ posts through replies, reposts, and likes. It requires users to both have an Instagram account and use Threads under the same Instagram handle, The application is available on iOS and Android devices with full functionality. And as you logged in you get a option to follow everyone with the ‘Follow all’ option making it easier for the users to follow the accounts they like.

If you are a long time Twitter user, then this app has a same features as twitters. So a wide audience started mentioning the app as ‘Twitter killer’ as many audience from twitter started experiencing the new app and its features. As per sources, ‘Threads’ gained 100 million users within its first five days, surpassing the record previously set by ChatGPT. Looking at the tweets of the Elon Musk, it seems like the app was copying the same features as that of Twitter. The hype was unreal !  Threads aims to provide users with a similar experience to Twitter.

But as days went by, the daily active users on ‘Threads’ app started declining rapidly. Its daily active users stands at around 13 million—down from 44 million on July 7—and the average daily time spent on the app is four minutes, which is down from its launch day peak of 19 minutes, according to Sensor Tower. It seems like people lost the interest in the app due to lack of features. I was too confused whether to use hashtags in conversations to make it visible to wide audience. As days went by, many of them returned back on Twitter. Elon Musk was shown interest in liking the tweets of the users sharing the stats of declining active users of the rival app on Twitter.

Talking about Twitter, the app has recently introduced many new features where users meeting certain requirements can monetize and earn on this platform making it easier for them to earn. So what do you think? Will Mark Zuckerberg revamp the app with amazing features and giving it a tough challenge for Elon’s Twitter? Lets wait and find out.

How did you feel?