A Small Deed !

Its been almost two years and I had an amazing experience in Kuwait. But as the days passed now there’s nothing to explore unlike the same day everyday, like a Deja Vu that keeps on happening again and again.

I was working in the Same Factory in Subhan for almost a 1.7 years. My role is performing a Line Inspection of Production Items which are produced from the CNC Machines. Total there are 12 Units in Ahleia and they are all closed by a mile each. Some are right behind one other. I was given a task to perform a Inspection of Items in one of the base Unit of the Ahleia, that is Unit 6. It is where the HR department and the Transformers are manufactured and also the biggest store of all units is located there.

So usually everything was new to me, like the infrastructure, departments, Peoples, Supervisors etc. Also it has the biggest Dining as compared to other units (factories). 500 people can have lunch at a time. When I used to have a lunch I saw that an Old man around maybe 60 – 70 years used to break a Khuboos ( circular bread which is made of wheat mostly common in Middle East ) into tiny pieces and put it into a plastic bag. I see him everyday at the same time filling 2-3 bags with very tiny pieces of Khuboos.

All Employees handed a left over Khuboos to him and he used to Calmly says Thank You with a smile on his face. I couldn’t resist keeping quiet and just watching him do that activity so I approached to him and ask him that why does he do that often and everyday. He told me that after the lunch time is over he has a place where he feeds it to the Birds and other pets outside the Unit. He also said if you threw a pieces of food on a cement floor it will rot and spoil but if you keep it on a sand then it lasts longer and any time the Birds and other animals can feed on them. He told that he has started it recently but I think does it every summer.

I realise that I live in a country where the temp soars to whooping 50° C for months and how does this creatures will survive if we don’t think about them. We can’t see their sufferings and they can’t speak, This Old Man is truly a Hero to them and because of him there is a chance of Survival for the Birds and animals.

I want to deliver a message to everyone that why shouldn’t we start think of other species do a favour of keeping atleast a water in a can or a tray outside the window, so that the birds can feed and drink on then when required, you will not see the soon and the water will dry out but for sure there will be thirsty ones that will be searching for water to survive. Please ignore my grammars and other mistakes in this blog and I hope this idea has clicked your mind. Do share your views in comments.

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Adios !

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