2 Foreigners in Bollywood.

Whats up Guys ! Today  I am going to share about the above topic that is ‘2 Foreigners in Bollywood’. You may wondering what is it actually, is it about the two Actors who have been working in Bollywood. Nope. So here it is..

With dreams of making it big in Bollywood, Johan Bartoli and Hampus Bergqvist have now permanently shifted base to Mumbai. The two Swedes, with their social page ‘2 Foreigners In Bollywood’, are the new craze in town; from funny videos to awesome sauce photos, they have more desi in them than most of us. Their Facebook page currently has a Whopping  22,00,000 followers. 

The Videos are based on daily life of a Common man. According to research these men have been together since time immemorial. Graduates in business management, the two came to India to make it big in Bollywood and they did some of the videos are

  1. When TC catches a person from UP who doesn’t have a ticket.
  2. Between peoples and Rickshawallah
  3. When small town guys visit big City.

Chris and John has also acted in Bollywood movies in Rustom and Banjo . Their Hindi with a foreign accent is what everybody loves and they have been famous and frequently comes up with a new video. So sit back and Enjoy!
Do let me know your views on them.

How did you feel?