My 20 Days of WordPress !

Its been 20 days that I have been on WordPress and many changes have been occurred since then 😀. Its was 10:00 pm as I was going to sleep, got a call from my bro just to tell :

“Why don’t you start blogging?” 

Well it happens when you struck with an idea and you can’t wait for a day to Express it . So I decided to blog from the next day onwards. I searched on Google on Top 30 Bloggers site and found WordPress  I should have introduce myself from the very first Blog but I couldn’t So here it is..

I am Aloysius Fernandes. 24 years Old. From India, Born in a Place Near to Goa, Stayed in Mumbai and now currently working in Kuwait. 

 Life’s been amazing on WordPress, I had never ever imagined that I ll be sharing my views and start writing Blogs. After I have started blogging I have been so much addicted to it that whenever I have got free time I keep on imagining the past moments and what to post the next day, Whether at work or on a bed or even while having a bath 😜

Now that I am into it I never feel like I have ran out of ideas to post. And The Daily Post is always there to help me wherever I got any issues. I am happy to meet a lots of People who have shown their interests in my blogs and having a discussions.🙌

So Stay tuned and Cheers 👍

2 thoughts on “My 20 Days of WordPress !

  1. Writing blogs on WordPress really is amazing isn’t it. I’m on my 28th day now to be exact and it’s such a great buzz being able to share my opinions and thoughts. Best of luck with your blog mate 😀

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