Birthday Girl.

Today is 2 May and for those who watch WWE knows that its ‘The Rock’s Birthday (hehe). But this post is not about him. Its the special day for a special girl and that is my younger Sister. I am far away from my home but I am so much filled with joy since it’s her birthday. I remember those amazing moments when..

  • I used pick her up from kindergarten every day with the Bag pack on her back half her size 😝
  • The days when we used to fight for the TV remote, just one touch and complaining about me that I beat her.
  • She is the person who claws me like a Cat and then hugs me like teddy bear.
  • Always getting the first preference since she is the youngest 😔
  • Playing as a Supporting Role in Dubsmash Videos.🙌
  • Whenever while going out when she hears the door Open her first words will be “Bring Something to Eat !” Screaming

I never realised the best times times we spent and today I wanted to share it with you. Thank you for going through this blog See Yaa. Well here’s a some funny dubsmashes 😝

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